History of Covenant

Covenant Church began in the early 1970’s when a group of young families desired Biblically based authenticity for their thinking and living, and teaching for their children that was rooted in Reformed theology. Finding little opportunity for this teaching in the Appleton area at that time, these young families started meeting for Bible study on Sunday evenings. These first families had no intention of founding a new church. These evening “house church” meetings eventually became  rich, intentional times of worship and fellowship, and included singing, Bible teaching, prayer, recreation, and often a meal. As this group of believers grew in numbers, word of their vibrant fellowship spread.

At about the same time this young church started meeting, the Christian Reformed Church was exploring the possibility of planting a new church in the Appleton area. Over a several year period contacts were made, relationships were formed, and meetings were held; the concept of Covenant Christian Reformed Church-Appleton started taking root. Calvin Christian Reformed Church of Sheboygan Wisconsin became our sponsor church, and a steering committee was formed to develop the concept of a new Christian Reformed Church in Appleton. In 1977 the first  formal Sunday morning worship services of Covenant Church began, and in their early years took place at the Highland Memorial Park Chapel and the YMCA in Appleton. Our first pastor was installed in July, 1977. The present site of Covenant Church was purchased in 1977, and the first phase of our current building construction was completed in 1981. Two more building expansions took place in 1984 and 2005.

Covenant Church remains committed to the vision and passion of its founding members. Discovering the rich and honest truths of God’s Word through sound Biblical preaching and teaching, deliberate and inspired worship, and extending the love of Jesus Christ to our world in word and deed continue to make up the foundation of Covenant Church today.

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We gather together regularly to worship God and to thank Him for His enduring love.


We grow together in our knowledge of God by studying God’s Word and Prayer.


We go together to spread the love of God through our actions, words, and deeds.