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Title: Roads to Christ: The Road of Divine Demand, part 2
Description: As with last week, we continue to consider how Old Testament texts can be properly handled such that they point to Christ, we are led to consider a portion of Micah, how Israel had been guilty of breeching covenant with God, what God required of them to restore covenant, how that applies also to us, and how the new covenant in keeping faithfulness to the covenant is achieved through Christ. As with last week doing justly, loving mercy (hesed/chesed, חֶ֔סֶד), and walking humbly with God--i.e., loving God with one's whole being and every person, our neighbors--is the requirement for being faithful to the covenant.
Speaker: Pastor Mark Pluimer
Recorded Date: 12/03/2017
File Name: 2017-12-03-roads-to-christ-the-road-of-divine-demand-part-2.mp3


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